September is for Our Lady of Sorrows

August celebrates the Queenship of the Madonna. September not only celebrates her birth, but remembers her sorrows. Our Lady is depicted in a mournful state, eyes turned towards heaven, sometimes with seven swords stabbed into her heart. These swords are known to terrify and confuse children and newcomers. Unlike some newer branches of Christianity, CatholicismContinue reading “September is for Our Lady of Sorrows”

Is It Disrespectful to Use Catholic Aesthetics in Secular Fashion?

TikTok is the social media platform of choice for Gen Z folks. Due to the pandemic, many young people have not been able to have access to sufficient social situations like high schools and colleges. Traditionally, educational and social settings were the places teens and young adults would develop their sense of style. Since societyContinue reading “Is It Disrespectful to Use Catholic Aesthetics in Secular Fashion?”

The Nostalgia of Culturally Catholic Towns

I packed up my suitcase and closed my van’s door. I drew in the dusk, summer air which smelled of rain, soil and pine. A raccoon crosses the street to go take care of its babies. It always feels like a shock when I leave the hustle of Chicago. I go from being surrounded by artContinue reading “The Nostalgia of Culturally Catholic Towns”

No, You Don’t Have to Be Republican to Be Catholic

At the time I am writing this, LaCrosse WI priest, Fr. Altman, was asked to resign by his bishop. The bishop stated that his reason for asking Fr. Altman to resign had to do with his ‘divisive and ineffective’ behavior, which most likely referred to Altman’s YouTube video titled: “Fr. Altman: You cannot be CatholicContinue reading “No, You Don’t Have to Be Republican to Be Catholic”

Mysticism is the Antidote to Clericalism

Clericalism.  That’s probably a term you’ve heard thrown around a lot in the Church. Since the first sex abuse scandals shattered the public’s faith in the creditability of the Church and crippled the Church’s faith in herself, the term “clericalism” has often come into play. Pope Francis has spoken out against clericalism and even furtherContinue reading “Mysticism is the Antidote to Clericalism”